Tuesday, 2 February 2016


Children from 5º and 6º are working hard. The first ones have been making up Awesome Animals (some of them are really scary)

Children from 6º are writing a Cook Book, the first draft is almost ready:

And then, Fatima and Juan Diego, brought two samples of their recipes: 

Fatima cooked COLOURED RICE, a recipe from Pakistan...it's so yummy!!

Juan Diego, from Venezuela, gave us some TEQUEÑOS to try...they are delicious!!

As soon as we have the Cook Book finished we can start cooking...

Thank you, guys! We loved your food!


  1. hello wake! What's it going? me good school is very exciting, I'm learning a lot and English is fine for me, as always sure that those who have passed this year feel very welcome you, likes you everybody .Give greetings to all from me, I remember a lot from all of you and I'll always in the heart !!!!!!!! Bye !!!!!!And good luck in life

  2. I'm KESIA CLAVIJO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SORRY I FORGOT MY NAME!!!!!