Thursday, 18 July 2013


I hope you like the new look of this blog, I'm going on holiday!!!

I will leave you this cool song to sing along:


                                                     and some links to play games:

See you in September!!


  1. I think your new look is great and the things you tell us are very interesting. Congratulations, Estela, and happy holidays!!

  2. Hello Estela!! How are you?
    All the blog is fntastic:the songs the videos the games...But the new look is amazing
    Happy summer!!!!

    By Raquel Antolin

  3. Hello estela I am cristian
    Elena and me was very happy in the english camp
    Congratulations because you are the best english teacher in the world

  4. Thank you everybody! Rachel and Christian, good luck in your new school (Secondary!!!) I am sure you are going to be such brilliant students...Lucky teachers at Comercio. Enjoy the rest of the summer and come to visit in September;-)

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