Friday, 30 September 2011

Tale of the month: Room on the Broom.

Room on the Broom is a beautiful tale by Julia Donaldson. It's the story of a witch who loses her hat and then...

If you click here, you can listen to the tale:

If you want to listen to little children singing the song of the tale, click here:

If you click here, you can see and listen to the tale told by a group of Italian children:

If you want to know more about the author, Julia Donaldson, click here:

If you want to know about The Gruffalo, also by J. Donaldson, click here:

I hope you have enjoyed  the tale, get ready now for the questions we'll ask in class this month...Good luck!!


  1. The witch is very ugly.

    Raquel 6ºA

  2. Yes, Rachel, but she is a good witch. We'll see tale this month, before Halloween.

  3. this story really cool

    Ruth 6B

  4. Ruth, do you prefer this story or the Musicias of Bremen?

  5. sania i like music of the bremen

  6. Sania I like the story of the bromm on the brrom

  7. Which is your favourite, Sania?

  8. Estella very good

    Miguel 6ºb

  9. AINOA 6A. The room of the broom is fantastic.The witch is very fun¡¡¡¡¡¡